Monday, June 29, 2009

MIMO module takes shape

Today I had a tour of the acoustics lab courtesy of Drs. Song and
Badiey. I was able to see the newly completed electronics payload
stack that Jing has been working on feverishly. In the first photo
here you can see clearly the 3 amplifier boards for the WHOI
micromodems. It is a tight squeeze to get everything into the payload
module always a case of trying to get 10 pounds of electronics into a
5 pound space. Not only has the electronics module been completed but
the team managed to come up with a mounting configuration for the
transducers inside the flooded section. In the second photo you can
see the end cap that provides bulkhead connector access between the
dry electronics module and the flooded section where the transducers
reside. 3 WHOI micromodem transducers are visible. Also there is a
port for the hydrophone array (up to 8 hydrophones can be supported).

This week the team will conduct bench top tests and we then hope to
test it in the UD pool next week then out in the reservoir and before
finding a ready site for tests out in the ocean.

The applications for this system are really exciting and I for one
can't wait to get into the testing phase.

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