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Tracking Bluefin Tuna across the Atlantic

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October 3, 2011 9:45 AM
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Tracking Bluefin Tuna across the Atlantic

Tracking the patterns of Bluefin Tuna in the Atlantic Ocean might not sound too exciting, but the use of Google Earth in showing their patterns makes it quite interesting.

Eduardo Garcia-Milagros with Encyclopedia of Life, who we've shown you before with a great quiz that they created in Google Earth, has put together some great information about these Tuna.


In particular, they've put together an excellent KMZ tour that shows what they're tracking, why they're tracking it, and the results of what they've discovered so far. The tour lasts around four minutes, and can be viewed with this KML file or by watching the video below:

You can learn more at the eol's Atlantic Bluefin Tuna podcast. Great work, Eduardo!


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